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Thank you for your patience, the API is here, ready for you to test and explore, and leverage in whatever way you want.

We cannot imagine the type of application or integration you will create with all the functionality available at your fingertip with the HTTP-based API.

Maybe a white-labeled and powerful web interface? Or an app for conference moderators? Or an integration with your production and scheduling system? Or a seamless embedment with your video client? Or maybe a multipoint video enablement of your UC platform, CRM or call center system?

We dont't know! And we don't need to know! It is our job to give you as a SaaS resource that you can use to enhance whatever you are building without involving us or exposing the brand.


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Call for Developers

The API functionality and other features
Management Get/Create/Update/Delete/List functions for objects including Company, User, Room. Grant/Revoke/List/ Permission for access relationship between User(s) and Room(s).
Call Control Dial Participant. Get Current Participants and related call statistics. Hangup Participant and Hangup All Participants
Call History/CDR Extract by last "n" and start/end date
Signaling SIP (UDP, TCP and TLS)
Audio Codecs G.711 PCMU, G.711 PCMA, G.722.1
Video Codecs H.264 (packetization-mode 0 and 1), content (BFCP)
Locations Use infrastructure in APAC, Americas and EMEA
Network VideoRoaming, a service that combines the quality of QoS networks with the reach of Internet in one hybrid service designed for video conferencing