Launched Following Successful Beta Test

The Next Generation Cloud MCU Expands its Presence from Europe to Americas and APAC

January 10, 2013: OSLO, NORWAY: Media Network Services (MNS) today announced the public launch of following a successful beta test period involving 100+ beta testers from around the world. is now operational and present with Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) infrastructure in Americas, APAC and Europe.

Designed to put users in control of their collaboration environments and with unparalleled global reach using the MNS Global Network Service, is the natural choice for any business wanting to increase their collaboration efforts internally as well as with external stakeholders regardless of their location.

“For too long high complexity has been a major barrier to mass-adoption of video conferencing, both within organizations as well as B2B”, says Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS. “With, we lower that barrier and provide the video conferencing industry with arguably the easiest-to-use MCU ever created combined with the best possible global reach available”. is a software based MCU delivered as Software-as-a-Service through any video conferencing service provider or reseller.

“ is a win-win for both the sales channel and the end-clients”, says Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS. “The sales channel gets a MCU that strengthens their existing portfolio and drives mass-adoption without upfront investment while end-clients can enjoy collaboration in an easy-to-use HD environment with stakeholders anywhere in the world”.

Contact Kjell Oksendal: kjell (at) or +47 91845414

About Media Network Services (MNS)
MNS provides global network services that enable video conferencing service providers to offer any-to-any video calling services to their clients. The service is network, equipment, vendor, reseller and service partner agnostic, connecting all the various islands in the video conferencing industry. The result is that the industry as a whole can enable clients to reach arbitrary destinations worldwide (internally, externally and B2B) in HD quality previously only delivered on closed dedicated MPLS networks.

MNS also provides cutting-edge MCU Software as a Service (SaaS),, and a directory service integrated with LinkedIn for Video Conferencing,

MNS provides its services through resellers on all continents. Contact your video conferencing service partner or network provider to get your video conferencing equipment and infrastructure connected to MNS.

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