Feature-rich, Powerful and Scalable

Room and Participant Features

Interop Call with SIP/H.323 endpoint or WebRTC (Google Chrome and Opera)
Address SIP URI (room@company.com) or unique WebRTC URL
SIP Registrar Use MCU1.com's Registrar as a Service or any third-party
Capacity Up to 50 participants per room
Layout Participants can zoom in on video stream (person or content)
PIN code Optional (defined by host)

  Selfview Share Audio Video Zoom Keypad Settings
MCU1.com WebRTC Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SIP/H.323 Endpoints* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
* Features supported by most SIP/H.323 endpoints

Host Web Features

Calling One click to call from room to SIP/H.323 endpoints
WebRTC One click to access room as WebRTC participant
WebRTC Settings Enable, disable and regenerate unique WebRTC URL.
Add logo URL for branding of WebRTC Interface.
Invite One click for predefined meeting invitation email with room details
Favorites Save frequently used addresses to Favorites
Call statistics Yes
Call History Yes
PIN code Enable, disable and edit

Admin Web Features

Company Create/edit Companies and manage Companies (e.g. resellers and customers) in hierarchy and Companies' port model (Fixed Ports or Concurrent Ports).
User Create/edit Users within a Company and manage permissions and relationships with Room(s).
Room Create/edit Companies, Users and Rooms, and manage their relationships and permission settings.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Management Get/Create/Update/Delete/List functions for objects including Company, User, Room. Grant/Revoke/List/ Permission for relations between User(s) and Room(s).
Call Control Dial Participant. Get Current Participants and related call statistics. Hangup Participant / Hangup All Participants
CDR Extract Call History/CRD by last "n" and start/end date

Network and Infrastructure Locations

Network MCU1.com is enabled with VideoRoaming, combinding the quality of QoS networks with the reach of Internet in one hybrid service for video conferencing. VideoRoaming ensures that MCU1.com participants always access the closest VideoRoaming Access Point (or Point of Presence - PoP) to their respect locations to keep latency as low as possible while minimizing the likelyhood of packet loss. VideoRoaming Access Points from Internet include:
North America Ashburn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and San Jose.
Europe Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Oslo.
APAC Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.
Infrastructure MCU1.com is deployed in the following VideoRoaming PoPs:
North America Ashburn
Europe Oslo
APAC Hong Kong
MCU1.com will be deployed in additional VideoRoaming PoPs based on market demand.

Standards Supported Natively

Signaling SIP (UDP, TCP, TLS), RTP/RTCP mux, ICE
Audio G.711 PCMU, G.711 PCMA, G.722.1, Opus
Video H.264 (packetization-mode 0 and 1), VP8
Encryption SRTP (AES 128), SIP TLS, HTTPS
Dual-video BFCP/video presentation, WebRTC Desktop Sharing
Quality High Definition 720p
Multiway Cisco Multiway/Conference Factory